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Digital Scan 3D Printing scanning

Digital Scan 3D (DS3D) has the experienced staff to perform any 3D scanning task. We have several varieties of Blue Light, White Light and Laser 3D scanners ranging in accuracy from 0.01mm to 0.1mm (0.0003” to 0.004”). When scanning your products, we will select the right technology that delivers the most optimal accuracy, speed and resolution you need for your application.

To obtain the best quality scan, we consider the size, color and reflectivity of the object. We have the capability to scan objects as small as a thumb print and as large as a semi truck. Some of our 3D Scanners capture color at the highest resolution of up to 10 microns (0.0003”). We will recommend the best 3D scanning solutions for the application. For more Information, please contact us.

Digital Scan  3D  Printing scanning

Parts for 3D scanning can either be shipped to our facility or we can come to you if needed. We have a very fast turnaround time depending on the complexity of a project. We can often guarantee a 24 to 72 hour turnaround time, depending on the project.

We provide industry standard output files:

.STL, .OBJ, .PLY, .WRL, .ASC, .AOP, .PTX, .XYZRGB, .e57