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Deep Fried Pizza Scotland

On my recent visit to scotland i tried pizza crunchy for the first time. Scottish pizza crunch deep fried battered pizza deep fried chocolate bar duration.

Scotland Has A Long Tradition Of Unusual National Dishes From

Deep fried pizza is a dish consisting of a pizza that instead of being baked in an oven is deep fried resulting in a different flavor and nutritional profile this technique is known in both scotland and italy but there are numerous differences between the scottish and italian variants which likely developed independently.

Deep fried pizza scotland. A battered fried pizza supper costs marginally more about 3 80 half pizza costs about 2 60. Emmy eats scotland. For scotland deep fried pizza is the taste of home efforts to wean the scots off a fat heavy diet defy the nation s cultural heritage.

2008 prices 1 as of 2008 deep fried pizza had started to appear at some places in america. A fried pizza supper costs about 3 60 1 2 a pizza costs 2 50. This recipe is weird but tasty.

I even checked the shop s reviews and since only one of around 30 was from a scot i knew i was in for the authentic tourist experience of deep fried scotland. I ordered a single pizza crunch. In scotland deep fried pizza is popular street food and it consists of an already baked or frozen slice or pie of pizza toppings and all tossed into the deep fryer one variation is to dip the already baked or frozen slice or pie into a batter before frying which is called pizza crunch.

See how to make deep fried pizza like they make in scotland. A pizza supper in scotland is a deep fried pizza with chips.

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