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Deep Fried Pizza Supper

You can t beat a good bit of grease. If you go west you ll get a deep fried pizza that uses one pizza garnish a brown gravy like sauce that s brushed inside the dough after it has been fried.

Absolute Unit Of A Burger From Gas Monkey Bar And Grill In Dallas

If you choose to make that a pizza supper you can also get chips with it which is why it s so popular with chip shops in eastern scotland.

Deep fried pizza supper. A pizza supper in scotland is a deep fried pizza with chips. 2008 prices 1 as of 2008 deep fried pizza had started to appear at some places in america. In the interests of science i bought both a 1 2 fried pizza supper and a 1 2 fried pizza crunch supper.

A battered fried pizza supper costs marginally more about 3 80 half pizza costs about 2 60. Yes it s batter like you d have on fish the pizza is literally deep fried. This is then fried until crisp.

Or when nursing a hangover. The basis is an inexpensive fresh or frozen oven ready pizza consisting of a thick parbaked base with toppings already applied. A fried pizza supper costs about 3 60 1 2 a pizza costs 2 50.

Formed into a sausage shape deep fried in batter and then served up with plenty of chips it turns a side dish into a meal. It s then folded in half and. Deep fried pizza is available in many chip shops in scotland.

As with all scottish chip shops the supper means with chips. These deep fried pizza rolls are light and airy with a cheesy pepperoni filling. Sponsored pizza videos featured.

The dish can be served as a pizza supper with chips or single. Aside for the colonies. What you call chips we call crisps.

What you call fries we call er fries. I always get a deep fried pizza supper with cheese and chippy sauce when i am coming home from a night out. Reminiscent of fair food think fried bread dough this is a treat that is normally enjoyed back home in canton ny at sergi s ristorante and one of our favorite items on their menu one we haven t found anywhere else we have visited.

For scotland deep fried pizza is the taste of home efforts to wean the scots off a fat heavy diet defy the nation s cultural heritage. This week the sunday supper tastemakers are sharing their regional. 28 02 08 23 10 39.

Battered black pudding from a black pudding supper 4.

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