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Human Body Interesting Health Facts

Humans are the only species known to blush. 17 the word muscle is from the latin word musculus or little mouse.

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Human body interesting health facts. It receives oxygen directly from the air. It s possible to brush your teeth too aggressively. The only part of the body that has no blood supply is the cornea of the eye.

They can contract in less than one hundredth of a second. Doing so can wear down enamel and make teeth sensitive to hot and. In just one day a person may blink their eyes over 11 500 times.

Interesting facts about human body did you know the human brain is more active at night than during the day. A newborn child can breathe and swallow at the same time for up to seven months. Human teeth are just as strong as shark teeth.

The human body is an amazing piece of machinery with a few weird quirks. 17 the fastest muscles in a human body are the ones that make the eyes blink. We hope these interesting health facts encourage you to move.

The human brain has a memory capacity which is the equivalent of more than four terabytes on a hard drive. We at bright side found 21 stunningly interesting facts about our body that deeply impressed us. But in fact the human body is one seriously complex and mysterious mechanism that sometimes confuses even the most qualified specialists doctors and scientists.

There are five main components of fitness. Scientists estimate that the nose can recognise a trillion different scents. Your blood makes up about eight percent of your body weight.

The body s ability to use oxygen muscular strength endurance flexibility and body composition. Learn all about how our bodies miraculously function. Your skull is made up of 29 different bones.

Our list of 16 unusual facts about the human body will both shock and enlighten. An adult human body is made up of about 7 octillion atoms.

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