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Potato Wedge Recipe Kfc

The kfc wedges continue to be a guilty pleasure of mine and i have to get my fix when i m in their restaurant. Mix the egg and milk till well blended in a big bowl.

Kentang Goreng Ala Kfc Resep Kentang Goreng Kentang Resep

Even when i m not craving my favorite kfc original recipe chicken i sometimes just go through the drive through only for these wedges.

Potato wedge recipe kfc. Ideally the potato wedges should be cut as uniformly as possible. Cut the potatoes into 16 to 18 equal size wedges. What sets these potatoes apart from all the others is the secret breading made with a similar seasoning blend to the one used for colonel s original recipe fried chicken to achieve the proper crispiness the potatoes are par fried frozen then fried again until golden brown.

The secret to extra crispy kfc potato wedges for this recipe we are actually going to cook the potatoes twice. If you ve been following my blog journey from week to week you ll notice that i m obsessed with my air fryer. Soak potatoes refrigerated for several hours or overnight in brine mixture 4 cups cold water 2 teaspoons salt 2 teaspoons accent seasoning recommended flavor enhancer.

These potatoes are deep fried so if you are making fried chicken fried fish or even onion rings this would be a great addition to the other recipes. To prepare potatoes first dredge potatoes in the flour then dip into the egg wash and then back into. Mix the dry ingredients into a large bowl.

Kfc is slashing potato wedges from the menu replacing the iconic side with fries. I don t eat at their restaurant a lot so i reverse engineered this copycat recipe which is just as good as the original providing seasoned potato. Kfc confirmed to multiple outlets that secret recipes fries are rolling out to locations across the country and that they ll be replacing potato wedges.

The chicken chain confirmed to business insider on monday that it is rolling out secret recipe fries across the. I m so excited to share this air fryer potato wedges recipe with you all. Cut potatoes in half lengthwise then cut each half into 3 wedges yielding 6 potato wedges per potato if you are using larger potatoes you can cut each potato into 8 wedges.

Kfc potato wedges are a total guilty pleasure of mine. Plus all the kids love them too. Heat oil to 350 degrees.

Preheat shortening to 375 f. I tried a half dozen different batches of this recipe trying to figure out how thick the batter should be and how salty the breading should be. After many test i finally figured out how to make the perfect kfc copycat wedges in your air fryer.

Don t call them fries says kfc about its popular side made with sliced skin on russet potatoes. Kfc potato wedges bring a warmth and joy with each and every bite of fluffiness.

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