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Recipe: Appetizing Fruit salad with vanilla custard

Fruit salad with vanilla custard. How to make fruit salad Easy fruit salad recipes Fruit salad Vanilla custard fruit salad Simple fruit salad Healthy & delicious fruit salad. Fruit salad recipe in vanilla flavour. Good morning guys, Thank you for clicking this video.

Fruit salad with vanilla custard Fruit Salad is a very simple but filling snack or dessert that can just delight us in every scoop. In a single serving you get all the required vitamins and essentials Almonds - Few (Optional). For the fruit: Place fruit into a large bowl and toss together. You can have Fruit salad with vanilla custard using 4 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Fruit salad with vanilla custard

  1. It's of Strawberries.
  2. It's 1 of Papaya.
  3. Prepare of Blueberries.
  4. It's 1 of Pineapple.

Remove from heat and melt the butter into custard. Immediately strain the custard into a small bowl. This fruit salad recipe is topped with a creamy vanilla pudding mixture, and it makes a refreshing dessert or even a side dish for a brunch. I like to serve this fruit salad for parties, holidays and potlucks.

Fruit salad with vanilla custard instructions

  1. Wash all the fruits that need to be washed.
  2. Cut the fruits into small pieces or cubes.
  3. Add the custard and mix well till all the ingredients are combined.
  4. And it is ready to serve.

But sometimes I make this fruit salad just for us - the kids will eat it as a snack or even breakfast! Fruit Salad with Vanilla PuddingThe Spruce Eats. Hull strawberries and halve or quarter them, depending on size. Fruits Custard or fruits salad with custard is a very delicious dessert with the creamy texture of the custard and crunch of the fruits in between. This is very easy to make even at the last minute when guests arrive so here is my healthy dessert idea.